We offer comprehensive physical preparation to all of our athletes, regardless of the level they are at. Every athlete will be treated in the most professional way possible. We are characterised by following training guidelines that allow progress in the fastest and most effective way possible. Currently, we have more than 80 elite and amateur athletes throughout the country.

To reach our GOALS we work hard every day, set ourselves challenges and are persistent.

In recent years, sports mentality has changed a lot, leading to an increase in athletes that are setting themselves personal and motivational goals, such as making a living from sport (becoming professionals), improving their wellbeing, improving their personal bests, overcoming challenges that seem very difficult and even beating a friend or coworker.

Thus, it’s more common for athletes to have coaches to help them achieve their GOALS. But we do not always find qualified professionals who carry out this task in a controlled and rigorous way, which often puts the health of the athlete at risk, and to a lesser extent reduces the sports life of the athlete or offering them an equivocal approach that will not allow them to achieve their objectives.

Enducance is characterized by

Endurance’s coaches are all academically trained and professionals in their corresponding fields, which allows them to work multidisciplinely with their athletes in a scientific and innovative way, applying the latest trends in sports training. Working with a team in this way allows you to improve faster and be able to reach your goals in a secure and effective way.